Ideas 41-50

#41: Slingshot Energy

This is a cool space idea. 

Assume, that in a somewhat close future, we can build more spaceships than we are capable today. 

Build many ships to slingshot around, say, Jupiter. They would speed up and be sent back to Earth.

On Earth, there would be a long tunnel-like space station. The barges would go in, and through electromagnetic fields, magnets and coils, transfer the kinetic energy to the space station. 

The station would relay the energy to Earth through some wireless means, undiscovered at present. Maybe it would just power the station itself.

#42: Sunblocker Follicle

This would be an artificial follicle, a technical skin implant or a biological modification, designed to produce and secrete sun blocker.

For mutants with skincare. 

#43: Fractal T-shirt

I just thought fractals paterns would look very neat in a T-shirt. 

There is a great chance this already exists. 

#44: Grocery Delivery

This was a few years before the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to deliver their groceries. 

This is a business idea.

Here is the deal, I hate to go to the supermarket, and I suspect I'm not alone in this. 

The idea is to have a company that would deliver these goods to your house. But this would be done in a particular way.

You would not choose all the individual goods. To me that is utter insanity for any company to deal with. 

You would choose between prepared lists, like a catalogue. There would be a very cheap list, a medium list and a very expensive one, comprising all items in class A or the way expensive brands are called.

For me, I don't really care to select every item that I consume. I mean are your really that picky about your laundy soap? This idea takes advantage of that. You trade freedom to choose for time. 

The company installs itself in a cheap industrial zone, cheaper than where markets are located. It buys items in bulk and gets a good price on the lots, that allow it to be competitive.  

Then you'll only need to go to the market for a quick purchase of the goods you actually care to choose: comfort food.

#45: Jet Stream

I remember reading once about jet streams, and I found them very interesting. Jet streams are high-speed air flows that happen on high altitudes in certain locations of the World.

The idea is a turbine, that is supported by ballons. It is tethered to the ground and remains somewhat in position. 

It uses the high speed currents to generate energy that is sent through a cable to ground, and from there transmission lines take it the rest of the way to the grid.

Now the first thing that came to my mind is that, this thing is going to twist and starts spinning like crazy. It would be necessary to have some system to keep its orientation. Something in the design that made air flow in such a way to produce restaurative forces.

Now, I have not considered the roughly 8-km cable, can a cable be suspended this long?  

#46: Invisible Tattoo

This could exist already.

Can you develop a tattoo ink that only appears under black light? 

This is because unfortunately, people still see tattoos with prejudice. It has improved tons, but it still a thing. 

#47: Investment Company

Business idea.

A company that would specialize in going through scientific publications and analyze the patents market, in order to determine what would be the leading technologies in the next 10 or 20 years. 

It would then proceed to buy assets involved in the production of those technologies.

Say, for example that they believe that the next TV tech will depend on Samarium. Then they would buy stock from Samarium mining corporations. 

#48: Desert Fuel

I have a strange fixation with deserts. It has to do with the fact that of all places on Earth, they are among the few ones that remain "unclaimed".

The idea would be to produce a solar fuel on deserts. Various chemical reactions fueled by concentrated sunlight are possible. This fuel would then be transported to the cities. 

A variant of this idea is the following: I always image it as a black object, for example round. You would leave those objects in the desert sun all day, and they would charge. It could take a long time until they are fully charged. It would store an enormous amount of energy.

Then you would collect them and take to the cities. I've tried to imagine this energy absorbing material, but couldn't come up with anything concrete. It is just what it is, an inspiration of sorts.

Note: It could also be a powder that you spread to the ground.  

#49: NLP

There was a time when I was involved in a Natural Language Processing project. 

It occurred to me then, due to the difficulties I was having, what if every website had a plain text version of itself, as a mirror?

This would be a service website.

#50: Modular Computer

Wouldn't it be neat if computers were modular?

You buy a processor today, another tomorrow, then a couple more RAM chips, and keep buying until you have a monster beast!

Maybe an individual could own a supercomputer in his lifetime, then.

Damaged a processor? Replace it for another.

Now, I realize that, from the little I was taught about computer architectures that there are issues with this idea. The bus is one, I believe. So perhaps, it could only be modular to a point, it would still be neat.


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