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For example, you may write in your Website or Blog: "This work is based on ideas of Diego Alves, owner of The Vault of Ideas". Notice the link back to this site. 

In case of a scientific paper or other published work, a footnote or paragraph in acknowledgement section is sufficient, without the need for the link or full URL in this case. 

In case of a commercial product, let your costumers know, somehow. This can be done, for example, on the website you commercialize the product or service; you can use the same sentence presented above.

Make a short text or a list of modifications, in the same place where you placed the note above. The reason why this is necessary is that it dissociates my contribution from yours. Think that, by doing this, I won't be credited by work that was done by you. 

Please note that the banner images on the top of the webpages are not published under CC BY 4. I do not own them. For information about using them, and many more fantastic work, please visit the ESA/HUBBLE Website.

All rights are reserved on the illustrations that accompany the body of original research: ideas, experiments and other works. These include digitalized hand-sketches or digitally processed art.  

All rights are reserved to any video contents.

The Vault of Ideas or myself, Diego Alves, will not be responsible for any harm or financial loss incurred in using the ideas freely presented on this Website. Please be cautious in your work.

BANNER IMAGE CREDITS: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), A. Nota (ESA/STScI), and the Westerlund 2 Science Team 

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