Ideas 91-100

#91: Charged Bolt

Once, I wondered if you could use electrostatics to bolt two sheets of a given material together.

The idea is that the bolt is composed of a conductor core, a metal, with a thick insulant around it. You'd place two bolts, once on each side of the sheets, in close proximity, and charge them with +Q and -Q. There would be a insulant lid so you could charge and seal the bolt. In reality you would use many evenly spaced bolts.

I think that charge leak would really be an issue in this idea. I honesly don't know exacly how charge leak occurs. You don't want a bolt that loses its strength with the passage of time. But still, it could be worth an investigation. 

#92: Fuel molecules

I don't know much about Chemistry, ok? 

You are seeking the best possible molecule to store energy and release that energy at will. 

You simulate a molecule that breaks down into products. I'm assuming here that there is a theoretical way to predict the outcome and occurence of chemical reactions, and to calculate the enthalpy of the molecule before and after it has broken down into products.

You calculate this, and register each reaction with corresponding enthalpies.

Then you try another molecule, and another, and keep iterating until you have the best fuel possible.

Another goal is inspired by the Omega molecule in Star Trek. To find the most energetically stable molecule that can exist, using the computer. Then, try to sinthesize it in the lab.

#93: Phymesh 3D

This idea is similar to Idea #86, Moving Sculpture. It is an object that changes its shape. But this time it is not meant as art, but as a structurally functioning object.

Have you ever seen those magnet toys that have beams and spheres? People use that to make molecular models. I imagined a toy like that, but where the beam lenghts would be adjustable. Here it would be, for example a, small linear actuator, something that "grows" on command.

So this object would grow in size, or deform itself, as the beam lengths are altered.

This was inspired by Star Trek episode Tin Man, where a chair takes form to allow a character to sit on.

#94: Shields, the Quest

Yes, ordinary matter can't be controlled by eletrical or magnetic fields. 

You have a cylindrical container, with two different gases on either side, separated by a glass. Now let's replace the glass separator for something that would ionize the gas, before subjecting it to electrical and magnetic fields that would keep them on either side of the container.

This is a series of ideas intended to make Star Trek shields, direct manipulation of matter using energy.

[About the illustration: it shows a Star Trek-like shield covering a portal. It is a barrier raised in thin air within seconds. A person trying to get to the other side, while the shields are up, would not get through].

#95: Mutable Circuit 

This idea is very interesting at first glance, but to be quite honest there are difficulties here.

Right now, whenever we need a circuit, made of passive components such as resistors, capacitors or inductors or active components such as transistors, we design and built them rigidly. The circuit for a toaster can be used only in a toaster, and so on. 

Switches allow you to change the topology of a circuit. What if we built a general purpose circuit, with components and these switches, that could be reconfigured for whatever purpose we needed? In reality, we would use relays instead of switches, to make the commuting controled by a computer, for example.

This would be very useful in a laboratory for example, where it is easier to just reconfigure a circuit than implement it on a protoboard. Perhaps you could target a subset or all possible circuits, it would probably be better, such a mutable device only for audio filters.

The first issue I faced is that relays are rather bulky. I believe it could be possible to use miniaturized transistors for this, however. Note that as the circuit reconfigures, you cannot violate thermal limits. 

#96: Pendulum Battery

A pendulum, left alone, will oscillate for very long time. I once observed a hanging paddlelock, unintentionally hit, oscillate for a couple of hours. There are even special conditions of lubrification and vaccum that would make it do so for even longer. Friction losses are really small there.

The idea is to make a pendulum like a pirate ship, an attraction on amusement parks. It doesn't have to be that big though. On the bow tip, you attach a long permanent magnet. This permament magnet should always travel inside an external coil, as the pendulum makes it way.

When you want, you can energize the coil and repulse the magnet. The magnet and the coil field will interact. This is storing energy.  When you want to retrieve the energy, you attach a load into the wires of the coil.

So, is this energy storage system any good? Does it have, perhaps, good energy per kilogram ratio? 

[UPDATE: I'm suspecting that the way magnets interact could ruin this idea... perhaps a field coil, maybe? needs more thinking]

#97: Virtual War

Trust me, war will not end any time soon. But could we settle disputes between people, groups or even countries, by a fair game?

Two parties must agree beforehand, that the outcome of a dispute will be finally decided by a classical game, a sports tournament, or a computer game. The game is overseen by a neutral party. 

The rules of war would still apply. A country would need to maintain and train a team of gamers, and the best prepared team would have an advantage.

I believe that any idea that works to prevent the loss of life and property caused by War is worth some attention.

#98: Ressonating Guns

Can you make a gun barrel ressonate, in order to detect conceiled weapons? 

Can you render aiming more difficult, as in a electronic weapon?

#99: Crazy Spring

What happens if you attach a magnet to a spring, and put it to oscillate? 

What if your spring has variable and controllable spring constant K?

#100: Hasperat

This is an idea for anyone that appreciates some kitchen time.

Recreate a Star Trek bajoran dish called Hasperat. It resembles a pinwhell sandwich in the series. It is supposed to be prepared with a special brine, and cause the eyes to water and the tongue to sear. It is also only good when warm.


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