Cover Letter

Hello there!

Welcome to the Vault of Ideas.

Allow me to present myself: My name is Diego Alves, I'm 33 years old and a college student of Electrical Engineering. I live in one of the southernmost states of Brazil, in a city known for a famous geological landmark, the Iguazu Falls. It is well worth a visit if you are in South America.

Ever since I was young, I've always been very curious about the world. It fascinates me, the intricate mechanisms, the dazzling beauty of the universe in every corner, the rich diversity of people and their ways of life. What an adventure it is to live in these exciting times, when there is something new, every day.

This curiosity, along with an overactive imagination, led me to the habit of writing down my ideas, whenever I felt that there was something to them. In my free time, whatever I can spare, I pursue these ideas independently. Nothing in this life gives me more pleasure than to sit down by myself thinking, browsing the Web, running calculations, coding, working on schematics, spreadsheets, and in general terms dreaming of a better World for everyone. I always keep a fresh pot of coffee beside me. When I'm "Researching", as I like to call it, I hardly notice the passage of time.

I've always kept those ideas to myself, hoping that I'd be able to work on them someday. There were only a few times when I've beaten my own insecurities and actually got a so-important second opinion. I suppose they are my personal treasure trove. I started to actively register ideas since around the year 2008. From the numbers you'll see here, I've learned that good ideas, really good ones, are incredibly rare. A really good idea builds a corporate empire, save millions of man-hours, or improve everyone's quality of life, forever.

As it turns out, the more time passed, the more it became clear that there would never be time to actually develop the ideas. The struggle to survive is very taxing. Even though I am privileged, and that has bought me a little more time, this struggle has finally caught up with me. We are only free up to a point in this life, really.

It occurred to me that If I allowed others to explore these ideas, instead of hoard them, part of the dream I had could become true. Hence the reason why this website was created.

I make no promises whatsoever about the quality or feasibility of the ideas; some of them are very wild, others are naive due to my own ignorances [notably in Biology or Chemistry], but perhaps one or two could lead you somewhere. These investigations are not for the faint-hearted; some ideas mean a lifetime of patient and dedicated work, others, on top of that, ask for substantial resources. Be wary to embark on something you may never see to an end.

I'm all pro engaging in Science at home, but bear in mind that there are things there are really too dangerous to be attempted at your house. Always search extensively what risks does an activity entails, and protect yourself and your loved ones, always. There are some tasks restricted by law to certain personnel too. You always have the option to partner with an actual laboratory, that would have the safety devices in place, and work under appropriate permits. You will be tempted, as I often am, to take shortcuts. A real scientist knows, however, that patience is a virtue.

Should you make a profit out of anything discussed here, I ask that you use some of that money to bring good into this World, leave it a little better than it was when you found it. Donate it to charity, sponsor someone's education, invest on that deal that doesn't really give that much financial return. In essence, back up a worthwhile cause. Drop me a note too, I would very much like to know how you managed to turn the idea into reality.

You can support me and my amateur scientist ways through donations [buy me a coffee 😊]. They will be mostly appreciated. You can also consider a longer partnership, in the form a patronage agreement. Both options are available at the end of this page.

I hope you will have have as much fun browsing these ideas as I had thinking about them. There are comment sections for you to leave an opinion, should you desire. I won't be offended if you point me an ignorance or a misconception; In fact, I will be most grateful.

Have fun,

Diego Alves

BANNER IMAGE CREDITS: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).

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