Ideas 61-70

#61: Dirt and Air

Study physical and chemical methods to extract valuable things from dirt or from the air. Needless to say these methods need to be economical, in the end.

This is motivated by the fact that dirt is very cheap, and contain many interesting elements, but that are somehow, not acessible to us.

It really puzzles me how everyone has access to air, but little people think about making a living by trading noble gases, por example. It is such a rare situation for you to be this close to something that is valuable.

There a whole big discussion about where to get the dirt from, too.

#62: Computer Interface

This idea was, at first, about creating a way to use the computer that doesn't use the hands. I though about it because my hands were killing me someday.

Then I had the idea to create a pedal, like a guitar pedal, that would do certain repetitive tasks: close a window, click, it should really be something you do a lot.

The uiltimate goal of this idea is the direct neural interface. Talk back and forward with the PC by sensing your thoughts, with the least delay possible related to the interface. It should be wicked.

#63: Bureucracy Website

Brazil is the kingdom of bureucracy. 

This idea is a non-profit organization that really simplifies these matters. 

Say you need a document done, it tells you in plain and short words where to go and what documents do you need to take.

It also gets people in touch with specialized personnel that solves bureucratic activities. For example getting a driver's license here usually requires such services. They are not mandatory to get one, but it really pays itself up to get that aid.

Every service provided by the State should have its legal requirements dumbed down for everyone to understand. 

An extensive knowledge base explains the concepts of the State that most people, myself included, don't understand.

#64: Merchant's Inventory

This is a plug-in for retail websites.

Every retail website should have a way of exporting a plain Excel spreadsheet with their inventory or list of services. This would detail the infinite product or services variations, the prices, and optionally the stock quantities. 

It should be generated straight from the software the vendor uses to manage stock; this idea does not propose that someone will be typing all that daily.

This spreadsheet should also be standarized by each sector. That means that no matter if you are opening from store A or B you will quickly locate the same information in both of them. 

I just feel it would really ease things. It is possible to enter and browse a website, and don't find what you are looking for, even though it is there. That should make any vendor get shivers down the spine.

It is true to be so overwhelmed with fancy ad-words and pictures that you can't even tell what the store sells, properly.

#65: Physical Calculator

This is a general idea.

Suppose you have a calculation that takes a long time in the PC. Too long, in fact, that you would be dead before it finished. 

The idea is to design and build instead a physical device that performs that calculation. It is the idea of a model I suppose, like it was used in airplanes.  

it is eerie that it doesn't seem to take any time at all for nature to calculate the state of things. Somethings very complex flow patterns just happen, right in front of your eyes. If the world is a simulation, I'd pay any money to see how that computer works.

As a specific problem, I've always thought about building such a physical calculator to compute large primes.

#66: Idle Internet and CPU

What can you do with your idle internet when you are not using it? What can you do with your computing power?

This idea is to list everything you could possibly do with your idle internet/CPU, and then do something that is worthwile from that list. 

Mine cryptos, for self or for charity? Work in scientific distributed computing?

I really don't know if someone can transfer actually some of his internet to someone else. There could be both technical and legal impediments.

One needs to take into account that you will expend more energy and need to replace the computer faster if you share CPU.

#67: Instant Dry

This is a very precious idea to me. I confess to hesitate to share. 

Imagine that you get some air blowers. Then you build a frame, about 1,75m tall, suported by a sturdy base. In this frame you position the air blowers blowing to the same side. This frame should be a little curved, as if someone standing in front of it would get the full air blow.

You hook, somehow, the airblowers together so that they are all turned on at the same time when a button is pressed.

A person exiting the shower stands in from of these air blowers and gets instant dry.

A variant of this idea is built in a corner, to be placed on the corner of the bathroom.

#68: Instant Sunscreen

I just hate to pass sunscreen. Honestly it takes so long, who has time for that. I end up not protecting myself properly from harmful UV radiation.

This idea is the same as the one above, Idea #67, but instead of air blowers there are many sprays that get you instant covered by an adequate layer of sunscreen, upon pressing a button. 

You first spray the front of the body, then you just get your back facing the device, and spray the back of your body. Finally, you get your face close, and close your eyes, this is important, and spray your face. 

That is it, three sprays and your free to get dressed once it is dry. The spray should dry as fast as possible.

#69: Wildfire Swarm

On a recent visit to Australia, I noticed how harsh is the life with the bush wildfires. I really need to take my hat off for the many men and women that dedicate their lifes to fight these fires.

The idea is to design a swarm of robust drones that can scoop water or other fire fighting product and spread along the fire fronts. 

Now it should not be easy to fly with the raging winds usually associated with fires.

The idea is that they could respond quicker than we can, once deployed.

#70: Crypto Delay

This is a naive idea, out of my element.

Bear with me for a while. You can buy cryptos from your home, using the PC. Cryptos are sold in many exchanges. They don't have necessarily the same price for the same assets. Their prices are updated throughout the market, but it takes a short while for that to happen.

First you distribute some money along the exchanges you've noticed to take the longest to update. 

Then you take advantage of the difference of price, buy where is cheap and sell where is expensive. 

In the end, you should have more than what you placed at start. 

Notice: Please don't sell your house to do this. I don't even know if this works. Always make sound investiments.


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