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Song Excerpts that Deserve a Penny

"No war on anger was ever won".

Selena Gomez, "Kill em with kindness"

"Who dares to love forever, when love must die".

Queen, "Who wants to live forever"

"All in all you're just another brick in the wall."

Pink Floyd, "We don't need no education"

[COMMENT] Just stay clear of the video. Those masks give me the creeps.

Sometimes it felt, that it was just to improvise, and we would have the whole world on our hands; Until the time came, when we tried to have too much, and sold on the cheap what was priceless.

Legião Urbana, "Andrea Doria"; Brazilian band, 80s

[COMMENT] I'd need a whole new website just for this band. 

Many fears come from fatigue and loneliness.

Legião Urbana, "Há tempos"; Brazilian band, 80s

Nina Simone, Montreaux, 1976. This [Youtube external link].

Then hold me close, and tell me once again, that we are distant from everything; that we have own time.

Legião Urbana, "Tempo perdido"; Brazilian band, 80s

We are the children of the revolution; we are burgeois without religion.... we shall do our homework, and then, you will see; our children overthrowing kings, making comedy out of your laws.

Legião Urbana, "Geração Coca-Cola"; Brazilian band, 80s

"The show must go on." // Wings, to the equilibrist hope. Knows that the show of every artist, must go on.

Queen, "The show must go on" // Elis Regina, "O bêbado e a equilibrista"

"Anyone can start again, not though love, but through revenge; Though the fire, we are born again; peace by vengence, brings the end."

Lana del Rey, "High by the beach"

"I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast; I am alone at midnight; Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble, but I've got a war in my mind. I just ride."

Lana del Rey, "Ride"

"If you don't get it, then forget it."

Lana del Rey, "Brooklin baby"

"Let's take Jesus off the dashboard, got enough on his mind."

Lana del Rey, "Diet Montain Dew"

"Is it the end of an era? Is it the end of America? No, oh; It's only the beginning. If we hold on to hope, we'll have a happy ending."

Lana del Rey, "When the world was at war we kept dancing"

"Can I let go? And let your memory dance, in the ballroom of my mind."

Lana del Rey, "13 beaches"

[COMMENT] Top-notch poetess.

"Love. I said real love; it's like feeling no fear, when you're standing in the face of danger, 'Cause you just want it so much.

A touch, from your real love, it's like heaven taking the place of something evil, and lettin' it burn off from the rush."

Lana del Rey, "Cherry"

"Telephone wires above are sizzlin' like a snare."

Lana del Rey, "Summertime sadness"

"Yeah, you're just a man. all through and through; your head in your hands, as you color me blue."

Lana del Rey, "Norman f* Rockwell"

"All our beds are made."

Lana del Rey, "Religion"

"It never was about the money or the drugs. For you there's only love."

Lana del Rey, "Religion"

"Sometimes I wake up in the morning. to red, blue, and yellow skies; It's so crazy I could drink it like tequila sunrise."

Lana del Rey, "God knows I tried"

[COMMENT] Lana del Rey should live a thousand years. 

"God knows I live, god knows I died; God knows I begged, begged, borrowed and cried.

God knows I loved. god know I lied; God knows I lost. God gave me life. 

And God knows I tried; God knows I tried; God knows I tried; God knows I tried".

Lana del Rey, "God knows I tried"

[COMMENT] One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

"If you lie down with dogs, then you'll get fleas. Be careful of the company you keep."

Lana del Rey, "24"

"There's only 24 hours; And that's not enough. To lie like you lie; or love like you love."

Lana del Rey, "24"

"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"

Lana del Rey, "Young and beautiful"

"The facts of life can sometime make it hard to dream."

Lana del Rey, "Heroin"

"Your skin so golden brown."

Lana del Rey, "American"

"Come on, baby, let's ride; We can escape to the great sunshine."

Lana del Rey, "Cola"

"I pledge allegiance to my dad; For teaching me everything he knows."

Lana del Rey, "Cola"

"Finally, I'm crossing the threshold, from the ordinary world to the reveal of my heart. Undoubtedly, that will for certain, take the dead out of the sea and the darkness from the arts."

Lana del Rey, "Get free"

[COMMENT] These whole lyrics are mythical.

"There is no more chasing rainbows, and hoping to an end to them."

Lana del Rey, "Get free"

"Fame, liquor, love; give it to me slowly."

Lana del Rey, "Gods and monsters"

"Me and God, we don't get along."

Lana del Rey, "Gods and monsters"

"I want money, power and glory."

Lana del Rey, "Money Power Glory"

"The sun also rises on those who fail the call."

Lana del Rey, "Money Power Glory"

"It is funny how some things just change in a day, or even in an hour

It is funny how my life just stopped and shifted from meeting you as a stranger."

Lana del Rey, "Lust for Life (demo version known as Demo 1)"

[External Link, YouYube]

" 'Cause we're the masters of our own fate

We're the captains of our own souls

There's no way for us to come away

'Cause boy we're gold, boy we're gold"

Lana del Rey, "Lust for life"

You deserve this peace and quiet. This reset. This rejuvenating. *didn't catch this phrase*. Because you work hard, you really put yourself out there. Sometimes it may not be so appreciated, and that can wear on all of us, but right now, it is all about you. 

Relaxing Male ASMR, "Healing your soul with soft singing ASMR", whispered.

[COMMENT] Tom is my safe harbour when social anxiety sets in. His soft singing series are great to sleep to. 

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