Fundamental Questions #1

What drives us are the questions.

Take you pick; any one of these should get you into a nice bar brawl. 

I've always held the theory that in the heart of every conflict there is a question with two or more answers that seem, at least on the surface, equally defensible. The opinions polarize, people take sides, and suddenly a group starts to fight for dominance over the other. It is not different than trying to win an argument with your neighbor. Sometimes this conflict escalates into violence and Wars. Sometimes people forget, along the way, the very questions that provoked the conflict, and the whole things just fuels itself like a match tossed into gasoline. 

Eventually some conflicts are resolved, and one opinion obliterates the other. And it needs to keeps doing that, for as long as it can. There are some examples of this along History. Slavery, for example was a point of conflict for many centuries in human History, but it is not so anymore. There is a certain consensus today that slavery practices are not OK anymore. Sometimes the questions are so convoluted and the opinions so divided that it is doubtful the conflicts will ever be resolved. 

Studying economical motivations are a cornerstone in understanding why certain groups of people defend a certain position, in my opinion. As I like to say, when in doubt, follow the money. 

All this myriad of contradictions form the complexities of the human societies. 

The Fundamental Questions, Page 1


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