Ideas 31-40

#31: Sound Barrier

Can you build a sound barrier, that can be turned on and off?

This is to soundproof windows.

#32: Home Central Unit

This is a central electrical pannel for homes, where people could accurately see the appliances that are consuming the most energy. It could allow for remote shutdowns. In essence, get more statistics about usage of energy as it happens. 

The would have to be power measurers on the appliances or the outlets.

In between the time I had this idea and logged here, I found out it was not original. Well, it happens.

#33: Piezoelectric Tire

This is a wild one.

Try to see if you can make a car tire out of a piezoelectric material. As it rolls, the tire deforms and generates energy. Get that energy. 

It would be reclaiming some of the car losses. It is likely to be very little, I'm not sure.

#34: Mages vs. Vampires 

This would be a novel telling a tale about a war between mages and vampires. 

There would be some creative license so that vampires are "even" to mages, what is not true according to some RPG materials, or so I've heard. I really don't know much about it.

I worked on it for a while, deriving a lot of ideas from a computer game called Age of Wonders. There would be mage towers, and the vampires got so threatening because they discovered a fallen asteroid, crimson in color, and incorporated it into their blood magic. 

That is what I can remember, lol. I really couldn't get past choosing character names. Anyway, have fun.

#35: Acoustic Filter

The idea here is very similar to the one that was about producing soundproof windows. Only this time you would produce a pane of material that selectively filters frequencies or a narrow range of frequencies.

Then you would tune it specifically to the frequency you need. Say there is an neighbour alarm going on, it senses and tunes to that frequency. It is grasscutting time, tune to another, and so on.

No, I really don't have nothing to complain about my neighbors. Lol. 

#36: Keyboard Glove

This is a naive idea.

Unfortunately, all the typing I did Researching led me to develop occasional episodes of repetitive strain injury. It gets really hard to type at times, sometimes I just have to give it up entirely. 

It is amazing how much we rely on the mouse and keyboard to interface with computers.

This led me to try to develop a glove, that would sense motion of the fingers. You would then softly touch a keyboard layout printed on a piece of paper, and the glove would relay the pressed keys to the computer. 

#37: Time-Vault

This is a sort of weird idea, probably inspired by a TV series.

Imagine that you had an idea or written something that is so controversial in nature that if read by anyone right now, would lead to misuses or misunderstandings. A hundred years or two hundred years from now, it could be absolutely trivial.

You don't want to destroy the idea. Your vanity has won. What to do?

Build a safe with a timer. It only opens after that time, revealing the contents. 

This is meant to be software with an encryption algorithm that decrypts itself only after an elapsed time, or if the owner tries to access it.

#38: End-of-Chain Box

One day, I was wondering about why the prices for a product fluctuate as much as they do. It  really is a fantastic self-correcting mechanism the supply-demand. 

But it is not perfect. Often it takes time for supply to adjust to demand. It is really a hassle for everyone to adjust to new prices, specially to the consumer.

The idea is to have a box on edge of the chain that would report to the industry how many units of a product were actually sold during a period. This would be made to seemingly integrate into vendors managing software. 

I didn't thought these boxes would be necessarily enforced by law. Maybe the factories could negotiate contracts with retailers to use the devices, I think it would work best like this.

I think that, if there were enough boxes to be statistically meaningful, the factories could get a very good picture, and take action accordingly.

Now, I have little knowledge about how things are done in the market. I could be way off on this one. Perhaps there is already a way to accomplish this that I know nothing about.

#39: Biodiversity

This is a extreme conservationist idea. I've looked at it with skepticism many times before.

The idea is to link endangered species DNA with the human DNA. I mean litterally bloat human DNA with inactivated sequencies of wildlife DNA, in order to ensure that they are are passed to future generations and not lost. 

A sufficient number of voluntary individuals would be used for this.

I know so little about Genetics that I don't even know if this is actually possible. But the idea happened somehow, anyway. 

#40: Spinning Laser

This is a very old question for me. 

If you take a LASER, I know that the very cool feature it has is being collimated, meaning the beam doesn't spread out like a flashlight.

If you spin a laser, with speeds comparable to the speed of light c, does it get more collimated?

Is this of any use, if you wished to send a laser beam to another planet?

BANNER IMAGE CREDITS: NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center), and M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley). The image has been cropped and enlarged to a black background.

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