Ideas 161-170

#161: Filtering Atoms, A Sequel 2

This is another attempt to produce am atomic filter, but it uses holed plates that are sandwiched between inclined planes. As the inclined plane moves, the holes get displaced and mismatch, diminishing the effective area of the hole, up to a point were you (should) be able to filter molecules and even atoms. 

There is no use to try to explain it further. Just go ahead into the work section and check out this awesome idea. 

162: Energy from Rain

Now, most people out there would tell I'm crazy for proposing this. Every calculation I've seen points out that harnessing energy from rain is a dubious approach to get those extra MW, for the simple reason that rain happens so infrequently at most places that it is hard to logically justify such action.

There are two reasons why I think that collecting rainwater and passing it through a generator at your home makes a certain sense. When it is raining, solar power won't produce. So the network is facing a tough time. The second reason is that if you plan to collect the water anyway, to reuse it say to flush toilets, why not go all the way and get some spare energy from it. 

Wouldn't it also be cool if you had the means to store the energy in batteries and replenish your house during rains?

This only makes sense if this idea really kicks, house units start being designed with rain collecting roofs, and maybe, just maybe, the numbers will start to get meaningful. 

Well, at least it would create jobs and a new industry segment, that is a good thing. 

#163: Web Crawler Black Hole

I don't know exactly how your mail box gets flooded with junk mail every time, but here is a plan to fight this.

The idea is to autogenerate some hundred webpages, riddled with many, many fake mails such as

and so on, that are valid, yet non-existant. You do this so that every crawler data mining the web and creating mail lists gets defeated.

Now, there would be some setbacks to search engines, but I think they can take it.  

#164: Primes, the Search 2

This is one of those silly ideas that you have on a Sunday afternoon. 

Most of the times our computers are idle - this is unfortunate. On the other hand, we don't know, and maybe never will know, a formula for prime numbers that is computationally efficient. 

It is puzzling that it requires very little mathematical development to get to the prime numbers, but this ancient mystery lingers. How can you find the nth prime, in a simple closed form formula?

So why not generate random mathematical expressions that could generate the prime numbers, and test them? The odds are slim at best, but what is the harm of another program running in the background, among thousands. 

This is what this idea is all about. it is sort of trying the lottery of Science. 

#165: Work Flow

Often, when I get carried away with work, I neglect to take breaks, even to eat. I suspect I'm not alone in this. This is not healthy living, and a solution must be found for this problem.

How can we be reminded, in a cool way, to take those work breaks?

You've reached the end of my ideas! Thank you. Stay tuned for more, as I will be posting more as they come.

Have a great day!

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