Discussion Page - Idea 44

#44: Grocery Delivery

This was a few years before the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to deliver their groceries.

This is a business idea.

Here is the deal, I hate to go to the supermarket, and I suspect I'm not alone in this.

The idea is to have a company that would deliver these goods to your house. But this would be done in a particular way.

You would not choose all the individual goods. To me that is utter insanity for any company to deal with.

You would choose between prepared lists, like a catalogue. There would be a very cheap list, a medium list and a very expensive one, comprising all items in class A or the way expensive brands are called.

For me, I don't really care to select every item that I consume. I mean are your really that picky about your laundy soap? This idea takes advantage of that. You trade freedom to choose for time.

The company installs itself in a cheap industrial zone, cheaper than where markets are located. It buys items in bulk and gets a good price on the lots, that allow it to be competitive.

Then you'll only need to go to the market for a quick purchase of the goods you actually care to choose: comfort food.